Saturday, 9 April 2016

Our few day aboard Captain Hastings

Well we said our goodbyes to our daughter Emily and son in law Elliott and started our next chapter of life on the 5th April 2016.  We intend to enjoy our retirement by travelling the inland waterways of the UK - Emily has taken it as though we are emigrating to Australia! but once she gets the idea that we are only a couple of hours away at most - I'm sure she will get used to it.

Captain Hastings is ready for our continuous cruising - we have had it serviced and we have spent ages cleaning and polishing the shell.  Already people shout out to say how lovely she looks and we are really proud of the boat.

A few days have past, we have had problems getting used to the AGA range cooker on board - but we will sort it.  The new generator we purchased was great - but only put 3% of energy back in the batteries!  We have researched this on the internet and it seems we need to turn it up a bit more.  Our engine puts in 10 -15% per hour, so there is no problems in this regard.

We have a concert to go to in Stoke on Trent organised ages ago and also a visit from Emily and Elliott and Friends a week on Saturday, so our cruising has consisted of travelling around Burton on Trent so far - so nothing new to see or report on.

The weather has been great, although we have had some showers which has made the tow paths lethal to walk on - Sandra has already tripped over whilst taking the dog for a walk.

Believe it or not we seem to be quite busy, especially when cruising.  We have started get on with our hobbies during the late afternoons - I want to write creatively, in the past it has always been academic stuff - so this will be a break for me.  Sandra is picking up on her sewing and knitting - which she is superb at.  All in all, we are in a process of getting used to a much more relaxed way of life.

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